building a team

Why Does Your Team Stick Around?

Learn how to keep your ministry team engaged and committed with strategies like showing appreciation, investing in their training, and giving them...

managing volunteers

The Key To Volunteer Recruiting

Discover the power of personal connections in volunteer recruitment and how they can transform involvement and commitment in your ministry.

Building A Dynamic Team Of Volunteers

Why We Struggle To Build A Team Of Volunteers

Explore challenges in ministry teamwork—from trust & control issues to training & change. Discover strategies for a resilient, impactful ministry...

children ministry

What To Do When Volunteers Quit Last Minute

Learn what to do when volunteers quit at the last minute. Don't panic we have a plan that will give you some time to respond.

Building A Dynamic Team Of Volunteers

Make Serving In Your Ministry Easier

Build a resilient ministry team: Invest in discipleship, offer clarity, celebrate wins, and foster growth. Enhance retention and strengthen culture.

best practices for leadership

Can You Have Too Many Leaders?

Discover the keys to effective team management in ministry. From training to delegation and communication, learn how to lead with confidence.