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The Key To Volunteer Recruiting

Recruiting volunteers isn't a big secret. If we want people to accept our invitation, we need a clear vision and clarity around their roles. However, these efforts are meaningless without a willingness to establish personal relationships.

Volunteers in our ministry are far more than mere numbers; they are individuals whose unexpected ways of serving not only help fulfill God's vision for the church but also enrich our collective mission in unforeseen ways.

Impersonal Methods vs. The Power of Personal Engagement

While parish-wide campaigns and invitations from the pulpit can work, the impact they have on a lifelong volunteer pales in comparison to the identifying of a person's gifts, a personal invitation to share in something we love, and the consistent accompaniment that we share along the way.

To truly reach the lost, empower generations of disciples, and share the Good News, we must invest deeply in those we invite. This investment ensures they not only recognize God's call in their lives but also feel genuinely valued and cared for by the Church.

How have personal connections or invitations impacted your decision to volunteer in the past, and what difference did it make in your experience?

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