Going Beyond The Content Of Your Ministry

Discover why building relationships is crucial in ministry, beyond just content. Learn practical ways to create a relational environment.

Catholic small groups

Coaching Little League and Leading Small Groups

Lessons from coaching Little League reveal parallels to leading small groups in parish ministry, emphasizing the importance of fostering a strong...

building a team

Hiring for Ministry: Beyond Qualifications

Discover what truly qualifies someone for ministry beyond degrees and experience. Find out how to hire the right fit for a healthy team environment.

building a team

Why Does Your Team Stick Around?

Learn how to keep your ministry team engaged and committed with strategies like showing appreciation, investing in their training, and giving them...


Why We Should Rethink The Catechetical Year

Rethink the traditional catechetical year to align with the liturgical calendar for a more vibrant, year-round ministry that nurtures spiritual...