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Trust Matters: Building Unbreakable Teams in Ministry

Leading the faithful is both rewarding and exhausting. There will be times when you face opposition and take on complicated challenges. It's in those moments when you find people you can trust to journey with you through those difficult moments. Ideally, those people would be coworkers and volunteers ready to serve alongside you, but that's not always the case.

Sometimes, we struggle to trust that anyone really cares about the parish or the ministry as much as we do. And when there is a lack of trust, it can kill any vision that God has placed in the hearts of the faithful. Stephen Covey wrote:

Trust is the highest form of human motivation It brings out the very best in people. But it takes time and patience, and it doesn’t preclude the necessity to train and develop people so that their competency can rise to the level of that trust. 

If you're in the thick of ministry, wanting your team to be right there with you, shoulder to shoulder in the trenches, it's a two-way street of trust. The big question many of us wrestle with is, "How do we foster the trust needed to cultivate a rock-solid ministry team?"

A lot of it boils down to choice. You've got to lean into trust instead of falling back on suspicion; unfortunately, that doesn't always come naturally. To cultivate trust, you've got to make sure there is:

Consistent Communication: The moment communication falls apart, people start wandering towards trust or suspicion. Keep your communication game strong and crystal clear. Don't be afraid to check in and repeat the important things.

Investment in Team Formation: By doubling down on training and formation, you're essentially telling your team, "I believe you're worth the effort." When leadership shows they're willing to bet on you, that's a huge trust builder.

Vulnerability and Courage From The Top: Got the courage to admit when you've messed up? Can you look your team in the eye and say you don't have all the answers? This kind of raw honesty and willingness to face the unknown together speaks volumes about your commitment to transparency.

At the end of the day, showing your team that you're genuinely invested in their dreams and successes is crucial. It's not about sidelining your own dreams but ensuring their goals are important too. When trust is the glue binding your team, you're all set to tackle whatever comes your way.

In what ways are you building trust amongst the teams you lead?

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