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Hiring for Ministry: Beyond Qualifications

What makes someone truly qualified for professional ministry? Is it a master's degree or years of experience? Does God call the qualified, or does He qualify the called? Should they be a bold leader full of grit or someone empathetic and willing to be vulnerable? Should they excel in teaching the faith, managing others, or organizing large projects?

Perhaps we focus too much on qualifications and not enough on whether the person will fit the culture and share the vision. When hiring for ministry, it's crucial to consider if the candidate will:

  • Desire to grow and learn, as growing disciples requires a growing leader.

  • Fall in love with your parish's vision and mission, because alignment among the team is crucial for withstanding opposition.

  • See their role as a stewardship towards building God's kingdom, understanding their giftedness and position within the ministry.

How do you find these people during the interview process? Surprisingly, it doesn't start with the candidate's cover letter or resume. If you want healthy, qualified, and committed individuals on your team, begin by evaluating your current team and culture.

Before filling any roles, ask yourself:

"Knowing what I know now, if I were to interview for my position again in this organization, would I accept it?"

If your response raises concerns, then it's time to address your team's culture before looking for new hires, qualified or not. Ensuring a healthy, supportive environment is essential for attracting and retaining the right people for your ministry.

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