best practices youth ministry

Unlocking Fundraising Strategies For Your Ministry

Discover effective strategies to unlock fundraising success. Learn how to engage your community, diversify activities, and communicate your mission.

best practices for leadership

Fostering a Culture that Keeps Ministry Leaders

Explore the reasons behind the departure of ministry leaders and gain valuable insights on fostering a culture that retains individuals in ministry.

children ministry

3 Values You Want Your Volunteers To Embrace

Need volunteers? Sometimes it's not just about finding the right people but incorporating values that help them see why your ministry exists.

managing volunteers

Best Practices For Managing Volunteers.

It was a Saturday morning, my day off, and my phone started to blow up with text messages from a volunteer. She was asking me questions about the...

How To Build Partnerships With Schools

As I walked up to the front doors of the middle school, I was texting my friend, “Are you here yet?” No response. It was the first time I was…

Catholic small groups

How To Create The Best Small Group Experience

I used to struggle as a small group leader. I’m great with one-on-one conversations or delivering a talk to a large group, but small groups would...