Understanding Your Motivational Drive

My position has evolved over the last year. In addition to youth ministry, I’ve been taking on responsibilities in children’s ministry. This is not the first time in my career that my position has morphed. When I started youth ministry, my main focus was middle school ministry. When I was two years into that position, they asked me to oversee high school as well. I was distraught because I didn’t know if I could handle the responsibility or like it. A mentor and friend of mine gave me some simple advice, “Lead from what you know.”

That piece of advice means is to be true to your identity. Leaders who take the time to examine and discern their God-given identity will learn more about how they make decisions and habits they need to develop to help them succeed. One of the tools I’ve used for myself as well as others are the MCODE™ Assessment.

A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the book Unrepeatable by Dr. Joshua Miller and Luke Burgis. The book talks about how to discover your personal vocation. Inside they discuss how specific motivations in your life fuel your personal vocation. When you examine those motivations, you learn what drives you towards making certain decisions and going “All In” with certain opportunities. Over the last couple of years, Marathon Youth Ministry has been guiding individuals through the MCODE™ to help them answer the question, “What gets you going each day?”

The reason you want to know your core motivation and personal vocation is so that you can:


One of the big reasons we struggle with getting stuff done is because we do not feel like enough time. The reality is that we use time poorly. Managing your time is a lot like managing money because you have a limited amount of it. While we do not have complete control over everything we do, we can position ourselves in situations that move us towards our goals and deadlines.

When you know your core motivations, you understand how to engage in certain projects and tasks because you’ll know how you can best engage. Instead of taking on roles that others deem important, you’ll be able to embrace the ones that lead to higher productivity. When you know how to use your time, you’ll see your efficiency and effectiveness increase.


Controlling every moment of your day is impossible. Not only are there distractions to deal with, but there are also certain tasks you have to get done (See other duties assigned on your job description). When those tasks drain you, it’s important to know how to refuel.

Your plan to rebound might involve hobbies or finding some quiet time. You could also pick up a side gig (playing in a band) or a project (serving at a local non-profit). If what you do compliments your core motivations, it’ll increase your joy by utilizing the gifts God has given you.


I learned the hard way that my life meant more than the job I held. When I learned this truth, it was humbling; however, freeing at the same time. Discovering my personal vocation helped me listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and see that life is more than what I do or my season of life. To embrace your personal vocation means being able to move on from what seems like success and engage in the unknown.

God created you for something more than what the world tells you. But, if we want to trust God completely, we need to make sure we continue to explore how He made us. This fall, we’re launching new biweekly MYM U Cohorts (Start September 21, 2021), where we will help leaders discover their core motivations and how to position themselves to live out the personal vocation God has given them. As a participant, you’ll receive a complimentary MCODE™ assessment and report. These cohorts are only available for MYM U members ($385/year). To sign up, click HERE

Don’t go through your year not knowing how to utilize your time. Start exploring how God has made you so that you not only reach your goals but experience His joy.

What gets you going every day?

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