Why Children’s Ministry Matters

Without youth ministry the local church will suffer. But, if you do not have a healthy children’s ministry there is no way your youth ministry will survive.

As a youth minster your role in children’s ministry can be pretty significant. When you are a part of a church staff you are part of a team.  Children’s ministry matters to the team because:

It will either feed your program or set it back.

A healthy children’s ministry will give youth ministry:

  • A larger group of teens to work with.
  • A more mature group of believers to lead.
  • A parent base more invested in the church.

As the youth minister you need to know how to support their efforts.  You can invest in and serve them by:


Children’s ministry needs leaders and your ministry is full of young ones. When you get teens plugged into children’s ministry it benefits the church in several ways:

  • Teens will be held to a higher standard when they have younger generations looking to them.  
  • Kids will see that they don’t have to wait until adulthood to serve in the church.
  • It’s the beginning of intergenerational relationships.

Talk with your children’s director, develop a plan and start plugging in teens.


Children’s directors care about the future of the kids in their ministry. You are a part of that future. Don’t let them down.  In fact work on the transition out of children’s ministry with them.  You can:

  • Introduce yourself to the 5th graders before their last couple of small groups or classes.
  • Invite children to visit the student program before they are a part of it.
  • Create a summer camp that marks this milestone in their life.

Build a buzz and get them familiar with what’s next.


Both children’s and student ministry work with parents. Instead of paralleling their efforts get in the trenches.  Work together on:

  • Equipping
  • Challenging
  • And Walking With Parents.

While it creates less work and more synergy it will also have an impact on the church.  People will see that everyone is working together and that’s attractive.

Grow disciples with your children’s department. Look at them as partners to your ministry. The better they do the better you’ll do. Pray for them and cheer them on.

How do you serve the children’s ministry in your church?

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