The New People In Your Neighborhood

Today we had our new member luncheon’s at Nativity and I have to say that I’m starting to enjoy going to them. Granted we haven’t had one in a couple of months, but it’s been really interesting to meet the new people who are searching for a church family.
I’ve never really had that experience of searching for a new church family because it’s never been a thought of “joining” a church until I started working at one. I always attended the church my family took me to, or the college I went to and now the one I work at. Although, when I was a Jesuit Volunteer I did search for a parish and settled on St. Anne’s on Greenmount. I can’t tell you what exactly is that I enjoyed about the parish besides the overall feeling…but even though I did attend that one it still did not prevent me from trying out others. But my search was always based on who had the best Mass. I never thought about anything else besides what I had to do on Sunday.
I love the fact that we try to do more than just Mass at Nativity. It’s a place where people are welcomed and can continue to meet others.

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