Midsummer Classic

I’m not a huge fan of all star games, but if I had to choose one to watch it would be the MLB All Star game, it also doesn’t hurt that this one is at Yankee Stadium in the places final year. I think it’s because I enjoy the sport than other ones. The NFL is usually boring because it’s the end of the season, I don’t know when Hockey’s is and the NBA it seems as if no one tries. But anyway, I’m watching the game, Papelbum (I’m a Yankees fan) just gave up the lead.
Last week I had a chance to go to a game at the Stadium vs. the Rays and it was such a great experience. It’s just a place where there is a lot of energy, the fans are always into it. It’s amazing when it comes to sports how much money, time and energy we invest. Then again it’s not that amazing considering how much we value them. The memories, the pain, the joy that we experience in a single season is so impacting. Unfortunately, we aren’t the same when it comes to our faith. Last year at this time I was at the Saddleback Student Leadership Conference and one of the speakers gave a message on Worship. He eluded to the fact that when it comes to sporting events we have no problem with ritual in fact we embrace it. It’s pretty funny considering a lot of people complain how the ritual in church is boring, but I don’t know if it’s ritual to blame, I think it’s about where are hearts are. Satan is out there convincing us that church isn’t important, that faith isn’t important, that God isn’t important; therefore, church is going to be “boring”.
Now we can’t just blame the people, that would be unfair, I think we (the church) could do a better job at making a more engaging atmosphere. We just recently made some changes with the “upfront” ministries, to create a new hospitality ministry. I know Maria is working hard on that. We also have made changes to the sanctuary and are making changes to the back to create a program that will help the congregation engage in a deeper worship. I hope and pray that these changes really do take our church to the next level. Just got to focus on God.

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