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Beyond Closed Doors: Reimagining Parish Office Culture

When you work from the parish campus, does the door to your office stay open or closed? I'll close it when I have a sensitive call to make, or want to focus on a project. But, if I'm being honest there are times when I'm just hoping to avoid people.

Whenever I catch myself with that thought I recognize that I've got some tension with people that need resolution. The worst thing is to pretend that the conflict will magically disappear because if left untouched I could inject toxicity into the culture. A small act like this leaves me wondering about the larger health of working environments and the roles we play in them.

How's the health of your parish office? If left unaddressed it can create a toxic work environment, which will always impact the health of your parish. No matter your position you can address the toxicity by:

  • Praying For and With Your Team: When you start with God you bring in the power of the Holy Spirit for guidance and healing.

  • Choosing Trust Over Suspicion: Without trust, you'll always keep people at a distance and never dive into the issues.

  • Listening and Learning From Others: There is always a story beneath the emotion and tension felt in the situation.

  • Addressing the Conflict Early: The longer the communication gap, the more room for suspicion to fill it.

Be sure to take a look at your habits and behaviors, and if you need help with that, find a coach, mentor, or trusted peer to walk and pray with you. Strive for healthy environments so that you can continue to grow disciples for the long haul.

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