Balloons in the Office…Psssht Been There Done That.

I came in this morning and noticed my office was filled with helium balloons (a lot of balloons), I would have found this funny but considering that I had done the same joke last year, it was mildly amusing. If you are going to prank the youth minister you need to know a couple of things:

  1. The youth minister is paranoid; therefore, he/she is always suspecting and is rarely surprised.
  2. The youth minister is proud and stubborn; therefore, if you strike he/she will strike back.
  3. The youth minister has “been there done that” so your prank needs to be original or else he’ll raise the bar.

Anyway, it was good to see coworkers had a sense of humor, just a piece of advice next time you put balloons filled with helium in someone’s office, remove the strings…it makes it a little harder to get them down.

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