3 Keys To Jumpstart Your Leadership Potential

Ministries become stale for a variety of reasons; however, they all link back to the same source: LEADERSHIP.

If you aren’t looking at ways of increasing and improving your leadership you could lose your ministry.  You will hit routines that will lead to a lack of relevancy or an increase in burnout.  To stay fresh as a leader you need to: 


If you are always moving you could miss out something big.  As a leader you need to make sure you are not only in the trenches but also finding time to step back to see the big picture.

To take a step back you might need to eliminate tasks off of your plate or ask someone else to step in lead.  It will give you the margin to examine areas of your ministry that have been overlooked.

When you take a step back you can start asking the right questions like:

  • When did we start doing that?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What will we do if…?

A leader needs to be able to see the big picture because it will help with focusing on the vision.  Without the vision it’s easy to lose track of why what you do is so important.


You need to constantly cultivate leaders; however, to invest in all of them equally is impossible.  Spend time, energy and resources in the people you feel like can step up and take the reigns.

These men and women are people who love the vision, they care about your well being and aren’t afraid to get the job done.  They are people who are willing to learn and want to learn.

Invest in the people you feel could step into your job if you ever (and even suddenly) needed to step away.  It will not only build up your leadership core, but take your ministry to areas you’ve only dreamed of approaching.


Even learning can get old.  To push yourself as a leader you need to sometimes look at different paradigms and models.  Listen and talk to leaders in different industries and areas.  As a leader you need to learn something new so that you can start thinking about your ministry in different ways.

To find something new look at what’s trending and who’s successful.  Even if it’s in something different from ministry take a look at what makes them tick.  You never know what you might find.

Don’t let your ministry go stale because you as a leader refuse to grow.  Take the time to challenge and invest in yourself.  Never settle with being comfortable because you were built for more than that.

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