Why Our Ministry Is Embracing Mobile Devices

At the end of the year review meeting the question was asked, “What should we do about cell phones?”  Initially the group was all about banning them, but then the comment was made:

If we aren’t showing them how to use mobile devices, then someone else will.”

They were right.  It’s a loaded comment.  It puts a lot of responsibility on a youth ministry.  You cannot ignore mobile devices because your teens spend so much time on them.  If all you are doing is telling them to turn them off, someone else will show them what to do when they are on.

Keeping up with technology in youth ministry is a difficult task because:

  • Not everyone is tech savvy.  
  • The technology for everything is changing quickly.  
  • It is also an expensive investment.  

But, your ministry needs to embrace mobile devices.  It’s a tool in a teenager’s arsenal.  While our ministry does not have all the answers, we are going to embrace their use.  Three ways we’ll be embracing mobile devices in the near future is with how we:


It has never been easier to carry around God’s word without anyone knowing it.  There are so many Bible apps.  Many with devotionals, summaries and other tools that will help a teen go deeper.  Encourage your teens to download an app.  When you teach from the Bible use a mobile device.  Show how accessible it truly is.


Is your content mobile friendly?  Just because you can download from a website does  Teens will spend more time on their phones than on a desktop.  That means what they are reading needs to be clear.  If you have a website person on staff, start the conversation with them.  If you are hosting your own look at the plug ins and tools available.  This blog is a WordPress site that uses the wptouch plugin.


Consider turning your gathering into a live chat room.  We’re looking at having a volunteer host a conversation on Twitter while the message is being delivered.  This will give teens the chance to ask questions without interrupting the message.  It will also allows us to gather data on how certain topics will strike certain teens.

While embracing mobile devices is important you do not want to ignore etiquette.  Before letting teens freely use them make sure you:

  • Express guidelines on when to use and not to use them.
  • Reward proper behavior and address negative.
  • Explain why and when you want them to use them.
  • Display good behavior yourself.

Just like any resource or tool mobile devices have limits.  But, do not be afraid to use them.  Encourage your volunteers to get on board.  Teach them the different ways you can use them.  The more confident your ministry is when it comes to using mobile devices, the easier it will be to meet students caught up in their world.

Share your thoughts.  Do you agree that mobile devices should be embraced?  How are you using them in your ministry?

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