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Why is the Confirmation Age Even a Discussion?

While the age at which young people receive Confirmation is frequently debated, it's time to shift our focus from mere numbers to meaningful engagement in their spiritual growth.

Rethinking Our Approach to Confirmation

Yes, we need to take a fresh look at how we prepare young people for the sacraments; however, the debate over the appropriate age requires a significant investment of energy, time, and money for something that ultimately has only a minor impact on their spiritual maturity.

When we obsess over the age of Confirmation, we risk implying that Confirmation alone is the key to lifelong discipleship. But if we truly want young people to develop a lifelong commitment to their faith, we must look beyond sacramental preparation and invest in accompanying and mentoring young souls.

Strategic Changes Needed in Our Parishes

Rather than burdening our parishes, which often operate on limited resources, with the task of adjusting the age of Confirmation, we should focus on these critical areas:

  • Discern and Define what it means to accompany the next generation. Shift focus from curriculum to community engagement, inviting people of all generations to mentor and walk with young people in faith.

  • Build-Up Leadership focused on the next generation. While volunteers are invaluable, equipping our leaders with proper resources and formation is crucial. Confident and competent leaders overcome obstacles and create momentum toward our vision.

  • Rethink Children's Ministry and Adult Formation. If we expect parents to catechize their kids at home, we need to ensure they themselves are growing in faith. We also shouldn't shy away from integrating faith into our children's regular educational activities during weekends.

    Can the age of a person receiving Confirmation be a factor? Certainly, but let's not make it the deciding factor. We have much to address before this becomes our primary concern. Isn't it time we prioritize lifelong faith over procedural details?

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