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Unlocking Fundraising Strategies For Your Ministry

$20. That's all we were able to raise. As I looked at the check, it was a little defeating. I could have just saved myself the time and given the ministry $20 from my wallet. What could I have done better?

I used to hate fundraising. At my previous parish, I had to hardly worry about it because we effectively talked about tithing and worship offerings. We still had to fundraise, but it was not so much a burden. 

At my current parish, it's something I've had to learn, and while I still do not enjoy it, what has helped us are the following strategies:


One of the reasons fundraising can seem exhausting is that it's like planning another event. If you want to develop a comprehensive fundraising plan that fits your vision and mission, consider diversifying and spreading them throughout the year. Instead of going for the one big shot, take a few small ones.

Secondly, consider making them relational. One of the things we've done for mission trips is having the missionaries write fundraising letters that they send to their families explaining what and why they are participating in the activity. It's a way for them to practice their witness while funding the trip.

You could also look at selling swag or gear. Several organizations (check out this one) will work with you to brand your gear, develop your online store and help you fundraise. When people wear your ministry around town, you allow them to witness and evangelize.

Fundraising can be something other than a stand-alone activity that distracts people from the mission of your ministry. By diversifying your fundraising activities and fusing them into your mission, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of raising funds successfully.


Building solid relationships with your community is crucial for successful fundraising. Engage with local businesses, schools, and community groups to establish partnerships and seek their support. Approach potential donors, especially those with a Christian mindset.

Let them know about your ministry's mission and talk about opportunities where they can invest like:

  • Scholarships for teens to attend a conference, vacation bible camp, or mission trips.
  • Resources and supplies for renovating the youth or children's space.
  • Sponsoring an intern or stipend position in the parish.

Ask them about donating food or meals if you meet with a restaurant or grocery store. If it's with a sports or department store, ask about equipment. We have a local snowball stand that always supplies us with frosty treats at events where we want to reward volunteers.

And don't go at it alone. Actively involve parents, volunteers, and teens in your fundraising efforts to generate a sense of community involvement and ownership. By fostering solid connections, you can expand your network and gain ongoing support for your youth ministry.


Clear and effective communication is vital for fundraising success. Develop a compelling narrative highlighting your ministry's purpose, vision, and impact. Leverage marketing materials, such as graphics and videos, that you. can share on social media, emails, and the website.

Make sure communications are about what you do and why your ministry exists. Create a newsletter where people can subscribe to learn about your work. Keep your supporters and fundraisers informed about the camp, mission trip, or retreat. Share videos and pictures of the impact young people make through service. Get the word out there so that people know the amazing things you are doing. You can build trust, maintain donor engagement, and inspire ongoing support by consistently communicating your mission and progress.

Successful fundraising requires careful planning, active community involvement, and effective communication. By implementing these best practices, you can enhance your fundraising efforts and generate more significant support for your ministry.

What strategies have you found most effective in fundraising for youth ministries?

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