The Buildup

It’s raining, and I love to work when it’s raining. My office is small, so when it’s dark and rainy outside and I have the light on I feel nice and cozy. When I feel all tucked inside my tiny office I actually feel more productive…I don’t know why. Today I received another email from a potential minister. Between now and Sept 9th when programs begin I’ll be meeting with at least 4 potential ministers and I’m excited. Now, just because I’m going to meet with them doesn’t mean they will be ministers; however, it’s nice to have people interested in serving youth.
I know I still have a lot of work to do but every opportunity that I get to meet with more and more people to vision cast, talk about Nativity’s youth ministry and express our needs and hopes is such a positive step for what we need to do.
As a youth minister I want to pass the tools and knowledge I have back to families so that teens can get their faith from some of the most impactful people in their lives…their parents. I continue to pray to God for more and more opportunities to talk with others and to share my vision and his so that we can continue to create irresistible environments.

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