Series: The Price is Right Week 2 (Treasure Map) 11.13.05

Hey all, while I was out last week my friend Chris Buchko delivered the 2nd week of the Price Is Right message Treasure Map where he talked about investing and saving money. Here is a little of what he had to say about this subject:
So, what should we be doing with our money instead of buying clutter? Do any of you play an instrument? Any artists in the house? These talents are gifts from God. Do you think spending your money on lessons or art materials is a good or bad use of your money? How many of you come to the 5:30 masses? Do you think some people come to hear the music that’s being played by the High Schoolers? I know I do. Do you think perhaps more people attend church simply because of this? Do you see a connection? That brings me to my first point:

It’s best to put your money to good useLuke 19:13 – “So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas. “Put this money to work,” he said, “until I come back.”

-Let’s use Chris’ example from last week, how many guitar lessons could we get with the $3480 he claims he wasted on CD’s? I figure a ½ hour lesson would cost about 40 bucks. That would pay for 87 lessons! If lessons were weekly, that’s more than a year and a half of lessons. Seems to me that after this amount of time, you’d be able to rock like a star, or at least keep up with Al, Erik, and the gang.

Save your money for a rainy day
Proverbs 13:11 – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.”

-You might suddenly realize that your life’s passion is space exploration. You’ll devote much time into reading about past missions to the moon and the space stations. As your interest grows, you might want to try some of the things astronauts do. You’ll do some research and discover that there’s a Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama where kids from around the world can pretend to be astronauts for a week. Well, this camp sounds like fun and you’ll ask your parents if you can go. They may not be able to afford it. So, they ask that you split the costs with them. Now, do you have the money? Did you put some aside for this rainy day?

Money is valuable with wisdom.
Proverbs 17:16 – “Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?”

-I looked up wisdom in the dictionary and came up with these definitions: the quality of being wise and good judgment, based on knowledge. That’s interesting. To be wise, you must have knowledge. To have knowledge you must learn either from someone or through experiences.
Talk to your parents and God about saving and investing, especially God. After all, our money and talents are his. We are merely his money managers. Without God we have nothing.

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