Do You Know The Cost Of Your Ministry?

In a few weeks your church will be talking about the budget for the next fiscal year.  The question you need to answer is, “Are you prepared?”

Being prepared for your church’s budget review is huge.  It’s a time when you can justify the cost of your ministry.  You can explain why you need certain things and people.  Knowing the cost of your ministry will enable you to do more even if it is with less then you imagine.

To know the cost of your ministry and get the most out of the budget you need to:


Could you go back and count every single dollar spent?  If you do not track your dollars you have no way of proving where you spent it.  Whether it’s Quickbooks or an Excel spreadsheet have a system.

An incomplete budget reconciliation could lead to suspicion.  People could wonder whether you are being lazy, incompetent or worst stealing.  Tracking your expenditures lets people know that you are a good steward.


Do you just search for something online and then buy it?  Or are you finding the best deal?  Whoever is overseeing the budget wants to know that you aren’t just a spending machine. They want to see some prudence.

Before you make a purchase research the product.  Look at the overall cost, reviews, study sales and ask other youth ministers.  Not only will you find the best deal but you’ll show others that you are a wise spender.


This action step is a little more personal and private.  To show that your ministry is worth the cost you need to be able to back it with your own finances.  This doesn’t mean funding the youth ministry yourself, it means tithing.

Tithing is a spiritual discipline showing God that you trust Him more than money.  It’s also a tool to fuel the local church.  If you aren’t giving to your local church then what is it saying about your commitment?  If the youth minister isn’t contributing then why should others value it?

The value of youth ministry in the local church is priceless.  We need to be better at showing that.  Keeping a budget allows people to see that it isn’t a waste of money.  In fact, when you know the cost you can show others that it’s a wise investment.

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