How To Keep Going After A Busy Season Without Burning Yourself Out

The first bite was incredible. As I downed my giant bowl of ice cream, I let out a sigh of relief. Confirmation Mass was a success. The last major milestone to another year of ministry had been reached. It was a moment to celebrate, but at the same time the year isn’t over, it’s merely changing.

Whenever you hit a transitional season (e.g., spring into summer) there is a temptation to do two things:

  • Check out and let things go. But, stopping ministry altogether could hurt your ministry’s growth.
  • Keep moving at a fast pace in fear of losing momentum. But, not giving yourself a break could lead to mistakes that would derail your ministry.

The right thing to do is to find a balance where you find rest while moving forward. That’s why when you are in a season of transition, you need to:


The last thing you want to do after a year of ministry is to clean, but if left untended it can slow you down when you have to ramp things up again. Whether it’s your email inbox or the supply closet in your youth room, it’s essential to go in declutter, and free up your space.

It’ll not only help with your organization but with your mindset as well (Check out this article from Livestrong.com HERE). Having a clear mind after a season of intense ministry can be refreshing because it’ll allow you to think about the bigger picture, which is something you need to do in seasons of transition. Start with something small and build from there.


After a long season, it’s also good to check-in with your team. First, make sure you show them your appreciation by writing out thank you cards or if you want to give them a little gift. Next, connect with them and deconstruct the year with their opinions, thoughts, and feedback. They’ve just been through a similar journey, and you want them to know that you’ve noticed and cared. Allowing them to debrief with you is going to help them clear their mind too.

You’ll also want to plan time to meet with them to talk about what is next. But before you get there to do something fun that focuses on relational building. That could be going to a movie, hitting a ball game, or just grabbing a bite to eat. The more you invest in them, the more equipped they’ll be to keep serving in your programs.


If the response to the question, “What is next?” is, “Let’s do it again.” then you aren’t challenging yourself enough. At the end of each season, you should be looking at your goals and doing a gut check. When you look at your goals, you need to ask yourself, “How does this help me grow and improve as a leader?”

Setting goals that can help you answer those questions can vary from doing something new to learning something new. If you aren’t sure how to set goals that push yourself, find someone to hold you accountable. At Marathon Youth Ministry, we provide one on one coaching (Set up a free consultation HERE) or join a cohort in MYM University (Click HERE to learn more and enroll).


During busy seasons of ministry, it’s important to lean into God, but it’s not always possible. That’s why it’s even more important to check in with your Creator during transitional periods. Whether it’s taking a day to yourself or starting a new devotional make sure it’s a way where you can allow God to fill you with His grace so that you don’t continue to lead on empty.

Give yourself at least 2 or 3 days to clean and refocus your efforts. A small break won’t kill the momentum, but it will give you enough time to get ready for the journey ahead. Celebrate what you’ve done, take some time to reassess and recuperate, and then start dreaming about the incredible things God has in store for you.

How do you transition from one season to the next?

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