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How To Grow Beyond The Numbers

I often receive questions from parishes asking, "How can we reach more kids, teens, and families?" For many, the focus is on the numbers. If I see a room filled to capacity with not a single vacant seat, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Numbers play a significant role in measuring the health of a ministry, but they don't provide the complete picture. While numbers indicate growth, they don't always reflect overall health. To truly assess the health of your ministry, it's important to go beyond the numbers and consider the following aspects:

Efficiency of Systems and Structures

Using "That's the way we've always done it" as a response to why things are the way they are is one of the worst approaches. It becomes an excuse to avoid evaluating whether certain practices need improvement. A healthy ministry consistently evaluates systems such as:

- Membership databases
- Recruiting and training volunteers
- Internal and external communication

A healthy ministry also examines its format and structures, paying attention to the content and flow of its programs. By assessing systems and structures, you can determine if you're dedicating the right amount of time and energy to accomplish your goals.

Development of Future Leaders

Every leader should be asking, "Who is next in line?" when it comes to nurturing discipleship growth. Often, we focus too much on filling seats without considering what we want young leaders to do with the Truth we share with them. As stewards of the ministry, it is our responsibility to commission future disciples into the world. How can we measure this?

Parishes should invite parishioners to engage in opportunities where they have responsibilities beyond simply showing up. When individuals hold leadership positions, their impact and effectiveness can be evaluated based on their strengths and weaknesses. As they grow, you can create new opportunities and expand the impact of your ministry.

A healthy youth ministry tracks the post-high school activities of its young members. While it's beneficial to have young people entering ministry or religious life, it's not the only indicator of a healthy ministry. Are your young people involved in campus ministry? Are former teens engaged in mission work and outreach?

The more disciples your parish can commission into the world, the stronger the Church will be.

Life Change of Participants

"Are we making a difference?" is a question that leaders often ponder when facing challenges. In addition to commissioning disciples, your ministry exists to bring about life change. How can you determine if life change is happening? The answer is not always straightforward.

Fortunately, you can consider factors such as attendance, but you must delve deeper than just the number of people showing up. You need to address questions like:

  • Who is showing up? Are they committed regular attendees or individuals from your community whom you are trying to reach? While retaining current attendees is important, it is equally crucial to reach out to those in your community who need Christ.

  • How often are they showing up? Do people demonstrate a commitment to attending regularly? Consistency in attendance indicates that they recognize the value of what your ministry offers.

  • Are they bringing others with them? Passionate individuals within your church will invite their friends, so it's essential to understand what they are communicating.

Assessing the health of your ministry involves getting to know the people behind the numbers. Ask them why they engage in parish life, what led them to your church, and how it has impacted their lives. By combining quantitative and qualitative data, you gain a clearer understanding of whether your ministry is heading in the right direction.

To evaluate your ministry's health, it is necessary to look beyond the attendance roster. Consider what you are doing, how you are developing individuals, and the transformative change that is taking place. The Church is not merely a business seeking new customers and profits; it is about proclaiming the Gospel and sharing the love of God with the ends of the earth.

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