How Do You Answer This Question?

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A student once asked me, “Hey Chris, have you seen The Hangover?”
I wasn’t sure how to answer that…I mean the truth is yeah…but is it okay to admit to a teen that I saw a movie that I would deem inappropriate for him?  No, but what if he then asked if I thought it was funny…which I thought it was…but is that okay, considering the humor in the film is based off of excessiveness?
What if a student asks me what music do I listen to?  Should I just name the bands that we use on our programs playlist, the songs that our worship band plays or should I let them know I’ve got a little place for Eddie Vedder in my heart?  What’s your take?
Do you hate that situation?  Do you feel a little guilty for admitting that you like certain music and movies.  Do you do your best to wear only Christian t-shirts, play only Christian music out loud, surround your desk with only Christian paraphernalia (and pics of the family)?  Or do you hide what you really like?  How would you feel if a student stumbled upon your playlist or movie collection?  How would you react?

Maybe you don’t mind the situation, maybe you’ve settled in your mind that you can see the R movies because you are over 17.  You don’t need to avoid parental advisory, because you yourself are a parent or at least independent of one.  In fact you embrace the situation because it gives you reason to talk to them about the secular world and how we need to be in it, just not of it.  You don’t mind because you have control over the boundaries of what’s sinful and what’s not.  So what side of the coin do you fall on…or are you indifferent?
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Is it okay for us to openly enjoy things (i.e. music, movies) that are considered secular?

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