Gravy Cheese Fries or For those of you from Jersey DISCO FRIES

So tonight Maria, Lucas and I went to the Towson Diner for some late night grub after CN Midweek and it was delicious. I love going to diners because it always reminds me of home and all the times where my friends and I would just chill out and talk. It was good tonight because we are getting back in the groove for the year. Father White is back, worship was good, the whole atmosphere was good. I feel prepared for Sunday, I know there are going to be holes but I feel as if these are things that are only temporary.
I’m excited for this year because God has blessed me with some very dedicated ministers, I just pray that I can continue to motivate them. I guess I feel a little ashamed because here are people volunteering their extra time to help out. See I’m working in a church, so this is my job, but these people have jobs on top of ministering. I hope this year I can find more time to serve outside of my job. I hope that I can find the time to volunteer and help those in need. I don’t know if that’ll be at Nativity or more downtown. That’s something I’ll discern next week when I spend my day with God.
Anyway, I’m hoping with all the people I meet this weekend, that I can encourage others to get further involved in the Church, in God’s will for them. I really do need to get more involved in the community, because if I don’t I’m not much of an example to my ministers.

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