Before You Set That Car On Fire

This time of year makes me think about all those college students who don’t know how to celebrate the victory of their school in any other way than lighting a car on fire.  Seriously, just do a fist pump.  Like many I’m watching the NCAA Basketball Finals tonight.  And while the game will be great, I’ll be looking forward to One Shining Moment.  I think there is no better way of celebrating a season of sports than a montage of high lights with Luther Vandross belting out the lyrics (Jennifer Hudson…I’m not there yet) describing the joys of winning.
So, what does a win look like in youth ministry?  Your vision is being reached.  What does that look like? That’s up to you and your leadership.  Despite what it looks like we as youth pastors need to create moments when our wins are celebrated because they impact our ministry in the following ways:

  • Recruitment – When you are winning people want to be a part of your team.  When you celebrate the wins of your ministry you are basically communicating the great things that are happening.  Adults will want to plug into that and students will want to check it out.
  • Unity – I’m not saying we should create an insider mentality but there is something about, being there when… that really brings people together.  When you celebrate the win you create a camaraderie of memories that unite a team.
  • Momentum – When we take our wins for granted we’ll miss out on the fuel we need to advance our ministry.  Within each win is a smaller win, when you can recognize the small wins you recognize how God is fueling your ministry.  When you know God is for you, then you know nothing can stop you, so why not pick up the pace?

Again, before you can celebrate the win you need to identify them.  Look at your vision, for us a win is when we see someone take a step towards Christ and embrace life change.  Celebrating a win shouldn’t be internal, it should be communicated to your entire team and congregation.  It should be the mission of your ministers not only to create these wins but be on the look out for them.
When you find these wins don’t go crazy and light a car on fire, but build it up, write thank you notes, post them on Facebook or throw a party for your team.  When you find these wins, name it, share it and praise God because after all we win because of Him.

How do you identify and celebrate a win in your ministry?

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