Adding More Time to Your Work Efforts Without Adding More Time To Your Work Day

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that most of us are entering a crunch time in regards to preparing for our fall seasons.  With that said it’s no question that time is precious.  And we all believe that we cannot create time, so the question has to be, how do we become more efficient with our time.  I came across an excellent article by Michael Hyatt, the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  The article is entitled “How to Shave Ten Hours Off Your Work Week.”  It’s filled with great tips on how we can be a little more focused and a little more efficient, I strongly recommend checking it out.

What I like about the article is each step is practical and something I never really considered; however, I believe there are a few more obvious steps that we can take to improve our work effort for each day, they are:

  • Get Some Sleep: I know this is obvious but I’m serious, sleep is so important to how well we function. Go to bed at a decent hour, don’t watch television before you fall asleep or to help you fall asleep.  You want your mind to be at rest and television, coffee, gaming, it will stimulate your mind.  I suggest prayer as the last thing you do, because I can’t think of anything better to put your mind at rest.  If you can walk into work restful then you are golden.
  • Improve Eating Habits: I know I’m not a nutritionist; however, there is one meal I think we don’t treat right…breakfast.  I’m not your mother, but eat your breakfast, coffee is not breakfast, if you eat a well balanced meal you are going to get through the day without bonking and going for cup number 5 of coffee.  Eat something hearty, get some dairy, eat plenty of fruit, bulk up with energy rich foods.
  • Devote Each Day To God: I’m getting in the habit of reading a chapter from the book of Psalms and Proverbs.  It’s my quiet time with God before I run, before I shower, before I get ready for the day.  At the end I just ask God to allow me to get done everything that I need to get done within the designated time that I’ve given to my work day, so that I can give the rest to Him and my family. 

I know these three steps are obvious, but I know I can easily neglect doing them.  If you think about them they are very biblical principles.  Jesus rested and spent time with His Father when He needed to refresh.  Daniel proved that eating healthy will make you stronger and healthier.  As youth workers we need to constantly remind one another of the obvious and not so obvious.

So I would encourage you all (especially veterans) to share what tips do you take to be more efficient in your work day.

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